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 1. That the user is in perfect health, suffering no illness, illness or limitation that limits or cancels his ability to drive the kart.

 2. That he knows and fully accepts the rules of use of the circuit.

 3. Who has had contact with the vehicle and has reviewed it, and has been explained and understood the operation of the same.

 4. That the user undertakes and obliges to adopt the appropriate precautionary measures to avoid damages to the persons and property, own and third parties, during the driving of the vehicles and their stay in the premises.

 5. That there is a track monitor that is responsible for supervising and directing the driving and the use of the circuit, being subject to its indications.

 6. That he has received a helmet, and therefore, the user agrees to keep in perfect condition and to use with due diligence the material that has been delivered, attending and obeying the indications of the track monitor.

 7. The user will be directly and exclusively responsible for all damages and / or damages that he causes in the facilities of KARTING, to any person, physical or legal, animal or to the facilities owned by this karting, by negligence and / or by the Breach of the rules of use and use of vehicles in the circuit, and also for negligence and / or non-compliance with the rules within the venue. In this sense exempts this karting, and assumes individually any claim that could derive from a negligent performance and / or breach of norms within these facilities.

 8. That the user acknowledges that this karting reserves the right to claim damages caused to the material that has been delivered to him if these damages were caused by negligence of the user or by not respecting the rules of the circuit, and also, he is entitled To claim from the user any damage or prejudice that is forced to respond, if not served by the user as established in the previous points.

 9. That he / she knows that there is a series of notice boards in the installations where the rules of use of the facilities and the circuit are recorded, and he / she has read and assumed to comply with them, notwithstanding what is said about the track monitor.

 10. User accepts terms and contiditions for all times attended and carry out the karting  activity.