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  • Best laptime record Best laptime record 46 Second
  • Average laptime record Average laptime record 53 Second
  • Average laptime record Track length 660 Meter
  • Max. kart nr. / Session Max. kart nr. / Session 10 Kart


  • Opening hours

    May 2021:

    Fridays: 14:00 - 20:00

    Saturdays: 10:00 - 20:00

    Sundays: 10:00 - 18:00 


  • Important information

    Wearing closed shoes is COMPULSORY!
    Wearing mask under DC karting helmet is COMPULSORY! Own helmet can be used as well.


    In the 2021 gokart season, our track can be used by children only over the age of 10 and over a height of 130 cm. Adult gokart can be used only over 14 years and 150 cm height.
    Children under the age of 14 and their accompanying person can only and exclusively use the track in the separately bookable children's races, which are held every Sunday between 10 am and 3 pm.
    These rules above have been introduced primarily for the safety of children.


    In case of rain we do not run any sessions. After rain DC karting has the right to decide when to start the next session.
    Online booking HERE!

    Are you a beginner in karting and want to practice in a familiar atmosphere? Are you gonna prepare for a gokart race with your friends and would like to train on the track without the presence of amateurs? Want a good leisure program on your own? In this case we offer you our 1-hour exclusive track pass!

    Gokart program:

    - 1 hour exclusive track useage as follows:

    • o 4 x 8 minutes of practise (with 2 x 5 and 1 x 10 minute breaks), or
    • o 1 x 16 minutes + 2 x 8 minutes practise (with 2 x 10 minute breaks)

    Book an appointment via email: [email protected]


    Make the birthday special!

    Have your kid's birthday party with us! If your child is over 10 years old and you would surprise him/her with an unforgettable experience, choose us!

    We organize everything for you, you just invite the friends and family and get ready for an memorable gokart party!


    The package includes:

    - 1 hour exclusive track usage
    - Registration fee, mask + helmet for all participants

    - Gokart program:

    • 3x8 minute friendly gokarting


    Maximum number of competitors: 12 people


    For preparing your offer, please contact us: [email protected]



    Have you ever tried to complete a marathon without running shoes? You can do it with us! Come and complete the 42 kilometers in gokart!

    If you really want to test the gokart knowledge of yourself and your friends, we recommend our MaratON package for you!


    Gokart program:

    - 2 hour exclusive track usage

    - Announcement of results, medal ceremony

    - Registration fee, mask and helmet for all participants


    Maximum number of competitors: 10 people


    For preparing your offer, please contact us: [email protected]


    Jump into a gokart and find out together who is the best racer in your team at the most technical karting track in Hungary!


    Package contents:


    - Registration fee, mask + helmet for all participants,

    - Gokart program:

    • Karting competition: Free practice, Time measuring race, Final (starting from POLE position), announcement of results, medal ceremony,
    • Catering service is optinal – due to request.


    For preparing your offer, please contact us: [email protected]



    Do you want to drive faster? Would be cool to beat your buddies or colleagues? Get closer to best times and track records. Come and join to Gokart academy, learn some new tricks and be the best gokart driver!



    From now on, we provide gokart training for the ones who want to develop theirs skills! Training is given by the experienced kart driver and coach, Gábor Pataki, the mentor of the KARTING365 Kart Academy.

    You can apply for the education from the age of 9/130 cm above the minimum height, with any level of knowledge. The opportunity is open to adults, children, boys and girls alike. Whether you are a complete beginner or want to prepare for competition, the training will give you a solid foundation in any case.



    We work in small groups of with maximum 3-4 people. The training takes 75 minutes, including 3 x 8-minutes sessions and education / instruction during the breaks. Meanwhile Gábor monitors your driving technique, and after the session you get personalized feedback about you opportunities of development.

    You can practice the ideal curves, the tricks of braking and accelerating, the importance of proper positure in the seat, correct steering techniques and lots of little things that can make you faster and faster individually. For effective and continuous improvement, we recommend your attend these events regularly.



    All applicants will automatically receive annual VIP membership card, which entitles to get 15% discount from actual ticket prices. 

    The cost of the training is: 5000 HUF + the current valid price of 3 races.


    16th of May



    Let us know your intention to participate: [email protected], with the next datas:

    - Participant's name/age

    - Contact person's name

    - Contact (e-mail adress, phone number!)

    - Experience level



    Come and learn how to drive a kart with us, on the highest level!

    Let’s meet in Zsámbék at drivingcamp’s premium quality gokart track!

    Learn more about how to drive on the ideal curves, different braking and curving techniques, correct weight transferring. Experience and solve the situations caused by under - and oversteering, during you develop your driving skills and get to know several new race strategy!

    Learn from Adrián Janecskó, the most successful karting racer and OAGB Endurance champion.




    Everybody is welcome from the age of 10, above the minimum bodyheight -  130 cm.

    The program covers a wide range of topics, contains 10 occasions.

    Each of the trainings takes 2 hours: 1 hour of theoretical and 3x8 minutes of practical karting lessons.  Number of participants:  5 person/ group

    During the trainings, you get practical tasks, afterwords these will be analised and you get the correction, advice - immidately to achive your goals, and find the way how to correct it and develop your technique for the perfect level.



    HUF 7500 + 3 time pass (Br. 9.990 HUF)

    Every participant gets an annual VIP membership, which gives you 15% of discount from each race tickets.

    You can get more information about the topic at the contack below.



    13th of May 16:00



    Let us know your intention to participate: [email protected], with fulfill the next datas:

    - Participant's name/age

    - Contact (e-mail adress, phone number!)

  • Catering

    bistro MOTO waits our visitors and guests with delicious bites and street food specialities.

About us

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karting by drivingcamp

The management of the drivingcamp has always considered innovation as a fundamental value. Dr. Reinhard Platzer, CEO of drivingcamp is always focusing on the needs of the audience and he is open to new opportunities. 
‘Drivingcamp karting is a huge innovation, which we founded with a dear friend of mine whose son is a kart racer - the idea came from here. The outdoor track is exciting, with some shaky, fun turns and brand new go-karts. However, we are not only for engine sound freaks, go-karting is a special family program too and we will be looking forward to those who want a unique teambuilding experience. Drivingcamp karting will be one of the most exciting programs available in the catchment area of Budapest.’

Why choose us?

drivingcamp karting is one of the most exciting program facility only 24 km from Budapest, next to the highway M1. Gergő Borsi, the face of drivingcamp karting, is known to the audience as an expert and professional go-kart racer and the host of the Autogram car show. He is obsessed with racing. Drivingcamp slowly become his second home, and now that drivingcamp karting became a reality he is very enthusiastic.


‘As a kart racer, I think we have to use every minute we can to improve our driving skills. One of the most obvious and affordable ways to do that is karting. It is important to have strong and reliable go-karts, and safety is a top priority on the track. At the same time, it will be a pleasure to go for the fast and technical parts of the track. Of course, it is also important that the time we spend with resting or dressing up, should also be comfortable.’

Sodi RT8 (270 CC)
Adult's kart
Adult's kart
Sodi LR5 (160 CC)
Kid's kart
Kid's kart


Children allowed over 10 years and 130 cm, Ticket selling: with cash or bank card at the spot

  • Race ticket
    3.990 HUF
    8 min
    Expiry: Day of purchase
  • 3 time pass
    9.990 HUF
    3*8 min
    Expiry: Day of purchase
  • 5 time pass
    15.990 HUF
    5*8 min
    Expiry: within 48 hrs / 2 days
  • Yearly registration fee
    600 HUF
    1 / year
    The benefits: with one registration you don't have to take care about administration next time when you hop in for a session. Our application (Activity Box) will be availabe to follow your achievements and compare it with the best lap times on the track.
  • VIP Membership
    5.000 HUF
    Expiry: within 1 year, 15% discount from the actual prices
  • Mask
    700 HUF
    Use of mask is a must!
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Phone: +36 70 421 8333

Address: 2072 Zsámbék, Drivingcamp út 1.


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